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Ways to Effectively Communicate Patients with Dementia


Numerous difficulties arise when caring for a loved one who has dementia, for both the caregiver and the family members. Dementia is a gradual brain illness that will make communication more challenging. As a result, taking care of those who have dementia calls for the assistance of home health aides, as well as adjusting your communication style.

As a reputable provider of private duty home care in Michigan, here are some pointers to help you communicate better with a loved one who has dementia:

  • Pose basic inquiries
    Asking one question at a time will help you take care of your loved one more easily in addition to employing adult day care in Lansing, Michigan. The best questions are those with yes/no responses. To assist in directing your loved one’s reaction, you can also offer two to three options as well as hints or visual signals.
  • Create a good mood
    Your attitude and body language are more effective than words at expressing your feelings. Set a positive tone for conversation when speaking. Use pleasant facial expressions and a calm tone of voice when conversing with your loved one.
  • Catch their attention
    Avoid distractions as much as possible before speaking. This can include switching off the radio or going to a room with less noise. This is a common technique used in Elizabeth’s Place adult day service. Addressing your loved one by name and introducing oneself by name and relation will help you get their attention. Nonverbal cues can also be utilized to keep kids focused.

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