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Promoting Healthy Sleep Habits in Seniors


A third of our lives are spent approximately sleeping. This demonstrates how necessary sleep is for our bodies. Our sleep habits do, however, alter as we get older and our bodies adapt. Those over the age of fifty can discover that they sleep faster and wake up earlier than they used to. Seniors wake up more frequently because they receive less deep sleep, need to use the restroom more frequently, are anxious, or are in pain from long-term diseases. That is why JWR Enterprise LLC offers private duty home care in Michigan to help seniors avoid accidents in the restroom and help them with everyday tasks.

As a provider of adult day care in Lansing, Michigan, we encourage seniors to have quality sleep so they have a positive mood to accomplish tasks during the day. Here are some tips to encourage good sleep habits in your elderly loved ones such as the following:

  • Establish a sleeping schedule. We all benefit from a regular sleep routine. Your body may become accustomed to sleeping and waking up at around the same time each day by following a sleeping plan.
  • Try some bedtime rituals. Doing some activities like reading a book, listening to calming or soothing music, meditating, or soaking in a warm bath can help.
  • Limit evening fluids. Drinking right before bed will increase the likelihood of having to get up to urinate.

Elizabeth’s Place adult day service is an adult day service that promotes the overall health and well-being of seniors. Our duty is to help our patients and their loved ones maximize their quality of life. This includes achieving restful sleep. We offer private-duty nursing and more comprehensive care services. Talk to us to know more.

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