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Keeping Homes Extra Safe for Seniors


Aging comes with a variety of bodily changes. And these changes may affect our range of motion, making us less stable as we walk, get up and move around. A limited range of motion also increases the risks of slips and falls that may result in grave injuries, which is why senior care and safety precautions are highly crucial.

Do you have a senior loved one with a limited range of motion? If so, here are what an adult day care in Lansing, Michigan suggests to keep your home extra safe for your senior folks:

  • Keep Pathways Well-Lit.
    Seniors struggle to see, especially at night, which is why to help them see obstacles that may be in their way as they walk, you must keep pathways, hallways, and staircases adequately lit.
  • Declutter.
    Yes, clutter can be a safety hazard, especially when left around floors and stairsteps, as it can cause trips and slips. So make sure to keep your home clutter-free!
  • Provide Handrails.
    Handrails provide extra support and stability as your senior loved one gets up. These even help ensure balance, making them a good addition to every common area when you have a senior loved one at home.
  • Provide Assistance.
    Providing your senior loved one assistance as they move around ensures safety as it gives them more stability. And with extra stability, they are less likely to injure themselves.

If you or your senior loved one need mobility assistance or private duty nursing, please contact JWR Enterprise LLC, a trusted private duty home care in Michigan.

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