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Benefits of Adult Day Care for Seniors with Dementia


Dementia is a general term for loss of language, memory, and other thinking abilities that interfere with daily life. Over time, dementia symptoms worsen and require comprehensive care from a facility or provider of private duty home care in Michigan. Adult day care is a popular care option, however, as it provides significant benefits to seniors with dementia and their families.

Here, we discuss how seniors with dementia benefit from adult day care in Lansing, Michigan:

  • Health monitoring and improved wellness.
    Preferred adult day programs like Elizabeth’s Place Adult Day Service are equipped to handle dementia and other diseases like stroke, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and more. This provides comprehensive health monitoring and overall higher quality of life. Adult day care may also include transportation, medical appointments, nutritious meals, medication administration, and more.
  • Enhanced safety and security
    An adult day facility offers supervision and monitoring by qualified and experienced healthcare professionals. Hence, the self-harm from aggression and similar difficult behaviors in dementia is significantly reduced. The facility is also safe and secure to reduce the risk of falls and wandering.
  • Respite for family members and loved ones.
    Adult day care also provides respite for the senior’s family members and loved ones. For family caregivers, taking regular breaks for self-care is essential to their own physical and mental health, as well as to their senior loved one. Adult day programs provide a dual opportunity for seniors to enjoy a safe, stimulating environment and for family caregivers to get the rest they need.

We at JWR Enterprise LLC offer comprehensive care services to meet your loved one’s needs. Set an appointment with us to learn more about our adult day care services.

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